The Progress of Industrial Machinery

New Loaders in Kubota’s Farm Arsenal

KUBOTA’s new articulated RO65 wheeled loader will most likely strike the ideal cost point for many farmers looking for such a compact model.

Powered by a Kubota 47kW (63hp) diesel motor, Kubota says the power plant features low noise, low vibration and low fuel intake. The spacious taxi ergonomic design is created to keep the operator comfortable for long shifts, consisting of a full suspension adjustable seat. A key-based, anti-theft system keeps the R065 protected. Six tie-down points guarantee simple and safe and secure transport, perfect to accompany cranes South Australia

The taxi includes a full-glass, left-side door and wide-opening right-side window to offer clear views while the rear of the cabin includes rounded glass corners that, integrated with the sloped bonnet, supply outstanding exposure when reversing. Up front, a large view and a revamped Z-bar linkage setup givesan unobstructed views of the pallet fork ideas from the motorist’s seat. A long disposing reach and high disposing clearance make all kinds of disposing jobs easy, especially into truck beds, while the long disposing reach makes pallet fork operations faster and more efficient.

The engine bonnet at the rear widens, offering fast and easy access to the machine’s main service locations, which is maintained through the onboard asset tracking system. Products that need regular maintenance and service are within easy grab quick and basic servicing. Quick-open panels on the right and left sides offer fast access to the fuel refill (ideal side) and battery (left side).

Kubota presented two brand-new SSV skid steer low loaders – the SSv65 and SSv75. With particular power scores of 48kw (64hp) and 55kW (74hp) both designs can handle a diverse variety of tasks. Thanks to the implementation of dial-type hand throttle, multi-use or multi-function levers, high-flow hydraulics and a hydraulically-driven fan for engine cooling.

Kubota says it has actually created a number of functions into these new models to offer a point of distinction in a competitive market. The loaders also have a tracking system installed so that real time gps tracking can be enabled.